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Do you have problems managing your communities, or find that you don't have the time or resources to effectively manage your rental properties, tenants, and vendors. That's where Assured Real Estate can help. Our twenty plus years of industry experience lets us provide you with an experience team that will help you achieve your goals. Whether it's managing your first investment property, or a growing community that needs expert help. We are here to help you reach your goals



Established in 1981, Assured Real Estate was created around the idea of providing a quality customer experience. It's an idea that has become the goal of the company. From our property managers to the vendors we work with, we gather the best people so we can deliver exceptional service in residential property management, and community association management.

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For last 30 years we have listened to all the concerns of home owners and board members biggest peeves. We have come to understand what everyone's needs are, and many times even before you realize what the are. Whether your leasing your home for the first time or you are looking to change your management company we have the services to meet your every need. 


We've made a few changes to our websites and how we provide some services.

Rental Tenants: If you are a rental tenant that rents a property from us we've changed how maintenance requests are submitted. We have removed MyPropertyManager, and now all maintenance requests are sent through our main website through our maintenance request form. There is a link below, or you can also find it under Resources in the top menu. (Scroll below for a quick link to submit a maintenance request.)

The same applies to tenants looking to apply for a rental. We have removed MyPropertyManager and you can now download all the forms and submit them online. When you are ready to submit your application papers online, you now pay for your application online as well.

Rental Owners: If you are a property owner that uses Assured Real Estate to manage your rental properties then you have probable noticed that we've been making updates to how we manage your properties. Early in the year we launched a new dashboard so you can view statements, reports, and other items related to the management of your property. Throughout the year we'll add improvements and upgrades to the dashboard. Please feel free to give us your feedback and help improve the dashboard. If you have having issues logging to your dashboard just use the link below. That should direct you to the login page.