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Do you have problems managing your communities, or find that you don't have the time or resources to effectively manage your rental properties, tenants, and vendors. That's where Assured Real Estate can help. Our twenty plus years of industry experience lets us provide you with an experience team that will help you achieve your goals. Whether it's managing your first investment property, or a growing community that needs expert help. We are here to help you reach your goals

Apply for a Property

Thank you for choosing Assured Real Estate for your rental needs. Please read carefully all the instructions before submitting your application. Any missing documents might cause a delay in your application. When you are ready to  submit your application on line the application fee ($75.00/applicant). Holding Deposit is 100% refundable if you are not approved for the property. Holding Deposit is NOT refundable if you are approved for the property and choose at a later time PRIOR to move in not to tenant the property. 

The List of Documents you need.

Below is the list of documents you'll need. Most all of them you can download here. *Please note if there is a co-applicant then we will need IDs, bank statements, and check stubs for them as well.

  1. Picture ID*
  2. 2nd form of ID* (Does not have to be picture)
  3. Last two pay check stubs*
  4. Last two bank statements*
  5. Request Before Leasing
  6. Duties Owed
  7. Pet Application (If applicable)

Application Forms To Download

Pet Application

Fill out the form if you are bring pets with you to your rental. Don't forget to include a picture of each pet.

Request Before Leasing

Properties are leased in as-is condition. Any issues with maintenance, landscaping, or the terms of the lease must be addressed with this form.

Duties Owed

Form required for your agent to fill out. If you have no agent then in the first line put that the "...transaction is unrepresented," and sign below." 

Referral Fee

Form required for an agent to get paid. This form along with a W9 and a copy of the lease must be submitted.

NExt steps - Apply online

When you have gathered all your documents, and all the paperwork is ready to be uploaded your next step is to click the link below and select the property you want to apply for and fill out the online application. Please note that you must pay for the application fee online once you complete the application. 

Make sure you scan all your items separately. (If you don't have access to a scanner you can always use your smartphone. If you're not sure how to do so here is a list of the best apps for scanning documents for your smart phone, most of these work with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Five Best Mobile Document Scanning Apps

If you have any questions please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.