Real Estate Services

The expert team at Assured Real Estate provides full, top quality service to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson home and property owners and investors. Services include residential property management, Homeowner’s Association (HOA) management and commercial property management.

Assured Real Estate provides residential, as well as condo property management and our Make Ready services to our customers. Through Assured Real Estate, we provide frequent monitoring of your individual property. With our Make Ready services, we provide the expertise and resources needed to prepare your property for your next rental. We also provide move in/out cleaning, trash out and junk hauling services, general handyman repairs, twenty-four hour emergency services and eviction and foreclosure services. We provide our clients with free eviction services, as well as our Flat Rate Management program. With this program, you receive full service management for as low as $70.00 a month.

We provide our communities with all the HOA services necessary to operate a successful association for all communities, big or small. Management and maintenance services are available to residential single family homes, condominiums and apartments. Our team also stays on top of delinquencies and service evictions when necessary and we enforce rules and regulations as well as handle all violations. With Assured, you’ll receive a monthly complete balance and income statement, as well as reconciling all bank accounts and a budget to actual comparison. Assured Real Estate makes sure to stay on top of the latest technological advances, and with MyPropertyManager, builds custom community management software. With MyPropertyManager, you can also effectively manage your association’s documents, board members, bank accounts, association task, and violations and delinquencies. With your own user account, you may also access all your association’s documents online.

Our experts specialize in commercial management for buildings including industrial, medical, retail, mixed use and office space. We use tools unique to Assured Real Estate that distinguish service offering and benefit you with expert oversight to areas including, but not limited to, phased budgets, accrual financial reports, review and assessment of condominium covenants and bylaws, landscape services, establishment of property utilities and vendors and long term deferred maintenance issues. Our commercial management services provide you with property maintenance, finance and accounting, digitally stored property files, community administration, resale disclosure and emergency service.

At Assured Real Estate, we offer top-quality real estate services to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson residents. Our multitude of services offers admirable business, whether you’re looking to manage, sell or buy a home or property. Our expert team is ready to meet your needs.