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Do you have problems managing your communities, or find that you don't have the time or resources to effectively manage your rental properties, tenants, and vendors. That's where Assured Real Estate can help. Our twenty plus years of industry experience lets us provide you with an experience team that will help you achieve your goals. Whether it's managing your first investment property, or a growing community that needs expert help. We are here to help you reach your goals

Board Members

We know board members volunteer to help build and maintain better communities for everyone. Your time is your most valuable asset. So let us meet your needs and manage your community.

We understand the challenges that board members face.

1. Completion of tasks.

2. Fast and friendly communication.

3. Collection on past due accounts.

4. Lower expenses.

5. Management of vendors.

6. Property preservation.

Most likely at least one or more of these items is on you list. This is especially true if you're not satisfied with current management company. If you are here you're probably ready to through out your current management company. You're also wondering what makes Assured different from all other management companies? We listen to you. We listen to your needs and concerns and expectations. That's what we've been doing for the last 30 years. We understand not all communities are equal so we make sure our community management services meets the challenges you're facing head on.

Our company's goal is to deliver an exceptional customer experience. That customer experience starts with our employees. Everyone here is focused not only on being an expert in their field, but we focus on being a great team. Working as team lets us execute on the services we promise, listen to your community's needs, and make rapid changes when the unexpected happens. Great customer service starts with great people that work together.

After we invest in our people we invest in our tools. Technology is essential in helping us execute our services. It's so essential that we have an in house team that's dedicated to designing and creating tools to fit out needs. What that means for you is that our efficiency helps reduce costs. Which also allows us to focus on the bigger issues such as task completion for your association, collecting on past accounts, and managing vendors.

You volunteer your time for your community. Let's tackle the problems and concerns you have and build the best community. Let's get together and see what we can do.

Call us at (702) 868-0900 to get more information on how we can help your community, or send us a message. 

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