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Emergencies happen all the time and without warning. While you may not be able to control what happens to you in an emergency situation, you can control how you respond to any situation by being informed and taking the right steps.

About Emergencies

An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to life, property, health or environment. In the event of fire, damage to property, gas leaks, or any other situation that puts your life at risk call the proper authorities immediately.

It other situations please contact our emergency number by calling our office number, and selecting option "6." If we are unable to take your call please leave a message with your name, property address, contact number, and a brief description of your emergency. Someone from our office will follow up within 24 hours.

You may likely receive and email support ticket with information acknowledging we have entered your maintenance emergency in our system and it is being addressed. Always look for these emails as they container next steps, or vendor information. We also encourage you to response to our support staff via the email ticket. It will ensure quicker response time. 

If you have already left a message or submitted a maintenance request online please allow proper response time. 

Please scroll through this page for helpful tips on solving emergencies. 

Maintenance Response Times

Level 1 - Immediate structural damage to property such as flood, fire, or a threat to health and safety.

Level 1 Response Time - Immediately, usually within minutes.

Level 2 - Habitability problems such as broken AC during hot weather, or broken heater during cold weather.

Level 2 Response Time - Call back by the end of the business day, or next business day if after hours, or on weekend and holidays.

Level 3 - Minor non-emergency repairs to property.

Level 3 Response Time - Within 72 hours. Excludes weekends and holidays.

Also keep in mind that calls and tickets are answered in the ordered that they are received. Some days we'll experience high call volume, such as hot days when A/C units are running on high capacity. Please be patient and we'll get to you as soon as we can. 

Home Emergencies

Between the time you contact our office and the time a technician reaches your home there are steps you can take to minimize damage to property and risks to your health and well being. 

Flooding In Home:  Attempt to turn water off – locate the main water in garage or at street and turn off.  Mitigate water damage by using towels or vacuum to remove excess water.  Create air flow with portable fans, ceiling fans or turning your HVAC fan on.

Flooding In Landscape:  Locate the PVB Valve and turn off the valve to stop water.  If water does not stop, locate main and turn off.

Sparking:  DO NOT TOUCH LIVE SPARKING WIRES.  Locate the power panel/meter on your home and turn main breaker to off.

Smell of Gas (or Rotten Eggs):  Turn off gas at meter

Hot Water Tank Leaking:  turn off valve at top of tank.  Connect hose and drain remaining water from tank.  Mitigate water from surrounding area.  Create air flow with a portable fan.

No Power:  Check for tripped breakers or tripped GFI.  DO NOT TOUCH EXPOSED WIRES.

Health/Safety:  Keep people away from area.  Place a safety cone, or caution tape to prevent injury.