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Ridgeview Industrial Park Association

Open Meeting Agenda

Date:         July 26, 2018
Time:         3 PM – Open Meeting
Location:     English Marble and Granite, 1051 Olsen St, Suite 511,  Henderson, NV 89011

I.    Call To Orde

II.    Owner Forum  (Agenda Items Only – Limited to 3 minutes) 

III.    Approval of Minutes- None

IV.    Financial Review

V.    Old Business
a.    Landscape contract maintenance/cleanup
b.    Hydrant Certifications
c.    Slurry Seal
d.    Insurance quote
e.    By Laws
f.    2019 Budget

VI.    New Business
a.    Design review- 1051 Olsen storage facility

VII.    Owner Correspondence

VIII.    Adjourn  

    In accordance with NRS 116.3108 the above agenda shall serve as notice to Association Members of the Board of Directors and Executive Session meeting.  Owner may request a copy of the printed or recorded regular session minutes.  The Association has 30 days from the meeting date to prepare such materials.  The cost of reproduction and distribution of such will be at the expense of the owner.