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Zendesk Employee Tracking

Zendesk Ticket Tracking.

The goal of the Zendesk ticket tracking report is help build efficiency by tracking how fast you respond to, and resolve open tickets. Part of the goal is to also ensure you are providing quality support to tenants, owners, or vendors by providing accurate and informative responses. This helps in getting making sure tickets stay closed and satisfactory reviews are given. Having accurate and informative responses also help other employees, agents research tickets and follow up on any questions or concerts a caller or walk-in might have.   

The data you will be tracking are open tickets, tickets open past 15 days, Agent Touches is number of agent updates to tickets during the reporting period. Satisfaction Rating is the average customer satisfaction rating given during the reporting period. Time to First Reply is the average amount of time it took an agent to make the first public comment in a ticket (in calendar hours). You can find your open tickets and tickets open past 15 days under Views. If you wish to see you Agent Touches, Satisfaction Rating, and First Time to Reply you'll find under Reporting. You can find the Reporting tab icon on the lower left hand side. When you click on the you are going to click on the Leaderboard tab, just just below the title Report on the top. There you can access the additional information you need.

How it works.

The Zendesk Excel tracking spreadsheet is broken down to months and weeks. Each sheet on the Excel workbook represents a month. in each month you will enter the number of open tickets, tickets open past 15 days, your 1st time to reply, agent touches, and your customer satisfaction score. Fill out the entries for every week, at the end of the month you will print, sign and upload the spreadsheet to the form below. 

Every week, after you have fill out the tracking spreadsheet, you will fill out the form below. In the Zendesk Weekly Report, you can find below, you will explain any variances in your numbers.

Follow Up

You will receive a follow up review with notes on areas for improvement.

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