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Our story began in 1981 when Paul Yakubik brought his family 3000 miles across the US to set roots in Henderson Nevada to pursue his real estate career. With unmatched determination, Yakubik was committed to the prosperity and growth of the local community while providing a service based on honesty, integrity and transparency. Along the way, he has instilled these core values into our team at Assured to further his vision of serving the community. 


To this day, our goal is to provide real estate services to grow and maintain the community in which we live. This is rooted in the preservation and maintenance of our client’s prosperity, which in turn, benefits the community and allows the neighborhoods we call home to remain sustainable places to live.


The roots of Assured go back to 1981 and the first real estate office that was established on Water Street. We've continued that tradition of servicing the Henderson area with over 75 years of combined industry knowledge. Being a small boutique firm we can focus on providing you a seamless approach to home ownership. Whether you are purchasing your first home, expanding your portfolio, or you're ready to expand into your own office or commercial space our team has the resources and knowledge to help achieve your goals.


Since Assured Real Estate begin property management in 1983, it has focused on providing value to it's home owners. We focus on providing service to the Henderson area. Being close to the properties we manage in the community allows us to ensure properties are being maintained with scheduled inspections, and preventative maintenance. From the moment a tenant views a property, to the application process and lease signing, we leverage the latest technology to provide a seamless experience. Years of experience has led us to develop Score Right technology. With Score Right we use track the most important data points to ensure your investment is not only preserved and maintained, but is also preforming to give the best return on your invest. 

As we continue to grow we are bringing our management experience down to The Water Street district. We are bringing the most diverse group of business to the community to help grow the community. Whether you just have a single family rental, or a large commercial building. Let our experience and expertise add value to your properties.


In 1988, the PEPCON blast resulted in excessive damage to several communities throughout southern Nevada. Properties within these communities, managed by Assured, fell within the management of the Summerfield Village Homeowners Association. As a result, Assured Founder, Paul Yakubik began attending the HOA meetings to stay up to date on the actions taken to assist devastated homeowners. At the time, HOA’s were self-managed by a board of directors, most of whom were individuals with no background or experience in business or the real estate industry. With substantial knowledge of the subsequent actions needing to be taken, Yakubik took it upon himself to guide the board through the process of filing claims with insurance companies in order to have damage from the blast repaired. Therefore, in the following years, HOA management was added to Assured’s list of services provides to clients. More than 30 years later, we are proud to manage Summerfield Village HOA.


The creation of Assured Development came out of necessity to find qualified maintenance and construction workers. Having a development team in place gave Assured new opportunities for working on redevelopment projects, new construction, and take on projects in depressed area where properties and land have been neglected and unused. 


The Assured team has a proven track record and reputation for transforming forgotten land and abandoned buildings into thriving and sought-after destinations for locals and visitors alike. Through the work completed and currently underway on Water Street in Downtown Henderson, Assured has paved the way for redevelopment and ignited a renewed interest in the area.


Lou Garcia has spent his whole life servicing borrowers in mortgage lending. Since joining Assured Financial as a Vice President and Sr. Loan Officer he feels like his time and talent is appreciated by the people he works with and the people he works for. Our company success and growth is built on providing exceptional value to our clients and for them to create the next opportunity for us. 




Paul and Charlotte Yakubik began their real estate careers in Henderson specializing in sales.



The Pepcon explosion caused substantial damage to many of the homes in the portfolio.  Paul began working hand in hand with many of the Board’s for properties located in Homewoners Association to facilitate repairs.  Due to his business acumen and attention to detail Board’s requested him to manage their communities. He began managing Summerfield Village HOA, one of Henderson’s oldest HOA’s – which we still manage today



Working through the ranks from a maintenance technician, to office administrator all the way to Broker, Joe Yakubik transitions to President & Managing Broker 



Due to client demand for access to debt when acquiring property and the goal of turning tenants into homeowners Joe created the mortgage lending branch of the company to offer an unparalleled service to the customer.




Paul recognized the opportunity in the market of surplus inventory due to high interest rates and foreclosures and began representing investors in purchasing homes, creating the property management division. 



After the Pepcon’s explosion, Charlotte spent most of her time dealing with insurance carriers, which lead her to pursue an appointment for Farmers Insurance. This allowed for the opportunity to better serve homeowners, landlords and tenants with service focused on insurance covering real estate liability and exposure.



With the growth and opportunity that the Henderson market provided and his desire to be part of the growth in the area, Joe entered the construction and development arena.



Headed back to their roots, the decision was made to transition their focus on the Down Town Water Street District where Paul and Charlotte opened their very first office 35 years prior.  Joe purchased the Town Home Motor Lodge building which had sat vacant and abandon for over ten years.